Thursday, January 18, 2007


winnow (vi)

1. To free or separate grain or the like from chaff or refuse matter, usually by means of wind.

2. To move about with a flapping motion, as of wings; to flutter.

3. To fan; set in motion by means of wind; specifically, to expose (grain) to a current of air in order to separate and drive off chaff, refuse particles, etc.

winnow (vt)

1. To blow upon; to toss about by blowing.

2. To separate, expel, or disperse by or as by fanning or blowing; to sift or weed out; to separate or distinguish, as one thing from another.

3. To set in motion or vibration; to beat as with a fan or wings.

4. To wave to and fro; to flutter; to flap.

5. To pursue or accomplish with a waving or flapping motion, as of wings.

6. Figuratively, to subject to a process analogous to the winnowing of grain; to separate into parts according to kind; to sift; to analyze or scrutinize carefully; to examine; to test.

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